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 Link to Arida, Feri Goddess of the East and Air

Link to Tana, Feri Goddess of the South and Fire

Link to Sugma'ad, Feri Goddess of Above, Below and Center, Queen of Ether

Link to Heva Leviathan Tiamat, Feri Goddess of the West and Water

Link to Verr Avna, Feri Goddess of the North and Earth

Faerie Tradition Goddess of the Above, Below and Center, Queen of Ether: Sugma'ad

I conjure open the Well of Stars!
To peer into the Black Hearted Vault of Heaven within the Earth!
Hail, Sugma’ad!
Infinite Darkness! Infinite Light!
Womb of the Universe!
From You all things emerge
And unto You all things return.
Reveal your starlight in my breath!
We salute thee, IAO!

Beyond even the pre-extant elemental forms lies the conscious possibility of them. This consciousness is the Sugma’ad; the Star Goddess. She appears in a multitude of forms, most notably a woman with jet-black skin with the head of a lioness and great wings of a bat. She sits on a throne of polished onyx with the silver egg of creation resting in her lap. She is the primal Goddess of creation; the great cosmic womb from which all things emerge and into which all things return. She is life and oblivion all in one; the beautiful and terrible explosion of chaos and possibility.

-Text and sigil: copyright 2011 Storm Faerywolf

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