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 Link to Arida, Feri Goddess of the East and Air

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Link to Verr Avna, Feri Goddess of the North and Earth

Faerie Tradition Goddess of the North, Queen of Earth: Verr Avna
I conjure open the Well of Space!
And peer into the Outer Dark!
Hail, Verr-Avna!
Black Veiled bride of death and renewal!
Cavernous tomb and womb in one!
You who stand with the strength of stone
Shining dark in The Crown of the North!
Reveal the truth of flesh and bone!
We salute thee, IAO!

This strange Goddess often appears as a decomposing corpse wearing a black wedding dress! She often will perform feats of physical prowess unattainable by the human form, such as walking on walls or the ceiling, as if to demonstrate that physical laws do not bind her, as she is physical law. She is the presence of earthly matter and space, and the processes of energy coalescing into a tangible form.

-Text and sigil: copyright 2011 Storm Faerywolf

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