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Faerie Tradition Goddess of the East, Queen of Air: Arida
I conjure open the Well of Sunrise!
And peer into the Whirlwind!
Hail Arida!
Rising Sun!
Hawk of the Day!
You who shine with the breath of light
In the palaces of pleasure
Birthing day from night!
We salute thee, IAO!

She often appears as the silhouette of a hawk made of morning sunlight, flying from the east amongst the clouds. Hers is the raw power of inspiration, the first breath we take upon being born... and the final breath we take in this life. She is the power of the gentle breeze, the scent of wildflowers, the churning clouds, the hurricane, the cyclone, and the eternal whirlwind that strips away all illusion and grants the power of sight and true knowledge. She shines up from the darkness below (as the sun rises from the darkness beneath the horizon each morning) and embodies the presence of earthly (and otherworldly) knowledge.

Air in the east is the first station of our circle of progression, as it is the least tangible of all the physical elemental forms. Since air is also the realm of thoughts and ideas it makes sense to begin here, as things begin as a thought before achieving manifestation.

-Text and sigil: copyright 2011 Storm Faerywolf

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